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Characteristically Cape: Part 1

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Read the full article here:

"Looking for a little Cape country tranquility nestled in the heart of bustling Sandton? Hello Joburgers, we’ve found it in the form of the gorgeous new venue, The Gables in Sandhurst, and you won’t be disappointed.
The Gables has changed the game. Forget sleek metal and the sound of traffic – this venue is taking you back to a 17th century Western Cape homestead. Get your business done in the lap of old-world luxury, where peace and quiet reign."

Thanks to Hello Joburg for the feature a few months back!

They've summed up the experience we like to give our guests rather nicely.

In the next few posts, I'll be honing in on what makes the Cape, Cape (!), and how we provide a pretty authentic experience without having to hop on a plane to The Mother City!

Charles Johnstone photography